• Alicia Xiomara

dear love,

Updated: Jul 15, 2018

I've been waiting for you my entire life, but then I found out you live within me...

Dear Love,

I’ve known you my whole life.

There is nothing I haven’t seen you through.

Even when our distance grew, I sat still in your cold heart waiting for the moment to tell you - never forget who you are.

Life has taken us on different paths, but yet we are still connected.

I've seen your ups, your downs, and you've seen mine. Your heart has been bruised, mistreated, and neglected you can't even recognize yourself.

Calculating your vulnerability without letting your heart lead and live freely.

To others you have it all together, but your mind is constantly battling with your heart and you let me hold you back from your true desires.

Now you’ve convinced yourself that the indescribable love you want is not worth the risk to reach your full capacity of happiness.

Don’t let me win, fight back!

Yours Truly,


~Alicia Xiomara


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