• Alicia Xiomara

dear fear,

Your existence is suffocating, as you continue to try to deter me from embracing the risk leading to ultimate happiness, I will not succumb to your tactics...

Dear Fear,

Your existence is suffocating.

As you grip your hands around my neck hoping I take my last breath,

you can’t get rid of me.

I reside in every heart you try to distract.

Created in the womb, so I’ve been there since birth.

My connection is eternal.

My endurance is everlasting

and its evident there can be no you without me.

I made you!

You were created to help me shift them closer to their destiny.

Now you’re on a power trip that not only has polluted their visions,

but caused death of their dreams and crippled their innermost desires.

You will never win!

I’m steadfast in their heartbreak.

I’m their dream manifested.

I’m the seed they planted in their happiness.

Your threats don’t scare me.

I’m the light in the world and those who live through me,

Live freely!

Now, I'm questioning your relevency.

Yours Truly,


~Alicia Xiomara


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