• Alicia Xiomara

dear failure,

You are just a shift to me, shifting me closer to who I'm destined to be...

Dear Failure,

If I could describe you

You would be the disappointment I felt when I got my first F


Scared to tell my parents my best did not meet the expectations of what my professor viewed as perfect

Held to a higher standard because I had to be 2 times better than those who were not the same color as me for the same opportunity

and here you are just smiling in my face.

See, I would describe you as

the one I gifted my heart to and when I got it back

it was scattered like a one thousand piece puzzle with pieces that didn't match

because it camouflaged his lies and excuses damn near abusive antics

he seen me falling, but I had to pick myself back up.

You would be the entry level position I applied for when the only thing in my bank account was air and a prayer for more money to pay my bills and got rejected because I didn't have the 5 years of experience with a college degree even though my student loans were 3x more than the expected salary.

I, too, need to eat.

You would be the love I didn’t profess

Sacred, but aware that the connection we could share is

what people believe happens only in fairy tales.

If I could describe you,

I would say I love you and I hate you

because from you, I’ve evolved

You’ve transformed my pains,

prepared me for my future

No matter how many times you enter my life

You are just a shift to me

Shifting me closer to who I’m destined to be

You’ve hurt me, but you’re necessary

Yours Truly,




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